Ammonium Chloride Mixture

Ammonium Chloride Oral Solution




Ammonium Chloride Mixture is an oral solution containing 10% w/v of Ammonium Chloride in a suitable vehicle containing Aromatic Ammonia Solution and Liquorice Liquid Extract.


Extemporaneous preparation


It is recently prepared according to the following formula.


Ammonium Chloride      100 g     

Aromatic Ammonia Solution  50 ml     

Liquorice Liquid Extract        100 ml   

Water     Sufficient to produce 1000 ml      

The mixture complies with the requirements stated under Oral Liquids and with the following requirements.


Content of ammonium chloride, NH4Cl


9.50 to 10.66% w/v.




To 1 ml add 20 ml of water  and titrate with 0.1M silver nitrate VS determining the end point potentiometrically. Each ml of 0.1M silver nitrate VS is equivalent to 5.349 mg of NH4Cl.




The label indicates the pharmaceutical form as 'oral solution'.