Washed Sand
—See Sand,Washed.

H2O—18.02—Use High-Purity Wateras defined for Chemical Resistance—Glass Containersunder Containers á661ñ.

Water,Carbon Dioxide-Free
—See Water,in the introductory section.

—See Water,in the introductory section.

Water Vapor Detector Tube—
Afuse-sealed glass tube so designed that gas may be passed through it and containing suitable absorbing filters and support media for the indicator,which consists of a selenium sol in suspension in sulfuric acid.
Measuring range: 5to 250mg per cubic meter.
[NOTE—Available from Draeger Safety,Inc.,www.draeger.com,or from Gastec Corp.,www.gastec.co.jp,distributed in the USAby www.nextteq.com.]
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Wright's Stain—
Amixture of methylene blue,methylene azure,and the eosinates of both,available as a solid and as a solution in methanol.Use a suitable grade.[NOTE—If a solid is used,dissolve 6.0g of Wright's stain powder (CAS#68988-92-1,dark green powder)and 0.6g of Giemsa stain powder (CAS#51811-82-6,dark green to black powder or crystals)in 1000mLof methanol.Stir overnight,and filter before use.]USP28